Curation. As of 2011, dockable components for PWM are at best of historical interest. I don’t expect to improve these components any further, and no longer use them.
PWM is a small window manager with an innovative and rich feature set for X11. If you’re still hunting for the perfect window manager, give PWM a run (but it’s probably not perfect). I’ve written the following dockable applications to take advantage of PWM’s dock facility (which is compatible with the Window Maker dock, so these may be of interest to more than just PWM users). For more dockable applications, see the Dock App Warehouse. Michael G. Henderson has written a dockapp collection of particular note. Dan Price makes an ongoing effort to port popular dockapps to Solaris.



Workspace indicator, plus load average display, for the PWM window manager*. Includes GNOME-compliant window manager support.

Requires libdockapp-0.4.0.


A strangely familiar vessel plies the depths of space on an indefinitely long mission of exploration. Includes improved vessel (Kevin Geiss), alternate vessel support.

Requires libdockapp-0.4.0.


A simple dockapp to warn you of impending date-based deadlines.

Requires libdockapp-0.4.0.