Building `make-guile` on MacOS

I've been experimenting with GNU Make with the optional Guile support. On Debian, make-guile is a package, but on MacOS I had to build a local copy, tying in the Homebrew build of Guile.

First, to verify that your installation of GNU Make doesn't already have Guile support, use this small Makefile to test the .FEATURES variable.

$ cat > ~/Makefile.test-guile
    @if echo $(.FEATURES) | grep -vq guile; then \
        echo "no \c"; \
    fi; echo "guile support"

Now we have a test we can use with various GNU Make deployments:

$ make -f ~/Makefile.test-guile
no guile support

To build make, we will need a C compilation environment, the source archive for GNU Make, and a working libguile. For the latter, I chose to reuse the guile built by Homebrew.

$ brew install guile

Then, configuration should look something like

$ ./configure $(autoargs) --with-guile \
    GUILE_CFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include/guile/2.2 \
    GUILE_LIBS="-L/usr/local/lib \

(autoargs is a utility that sets PREFIX and other autoconf variables for installation into my home directory on the local system.)

After a make and make install, we should have a version of make we can invoke:

$ make -f ~/Makefile.test-guile
guile support

Now we have a means to experiment with Scheme in the context of the Make/Guile platform.