Instrumented soccer, 6/30

I managed to get back out on the soccer field, after the two field sessions of the Class E clinic and a weekend in Reno shuttling the boys around. Even though I had worked in some accelerations into my runs, I tweaked my right hamstring at the clinic and so I knew today wasn’t going to be great for sprints. (The hardest part about the clinic was participating in all of the other students’ demonstration drills—about 13 hours of drills.) So, today was about playing smart.

The summary was

miCoach soccer summary, 2013-06-30

miCoach summary, 2013-06-30

The duration suggests a combination of a brief warmup, at least compared to 9 June, and 40 minute halves instead of full 45s. (It’s a 90F weekend.) Since I couldn’t go all out in the sprints, I made sure to cruise a bit more to get into good position, which is reflected in the high intensity distance being about the same as the previous game.

Another useful graph from the miCoach soccer report is the timeline:

miCoach soccer timeline, 2013-06-30

miCoach timeline, 2013-06-30

Looks like I sat out for a long substitution in the first half; I’ll have to call for a sub sooner. This week’s goal: further hamstring recovery.