Bookmarks for May 9th through May 20th

These are my links for May 9th through May 20th:

  • Cool, but obscure unix tools :: KKovacs – “Just a list of 20 (now 28) little-known tools for the command line.” Nice presentation; a few are new to me.
  • [1105.1383] Topological Considerations for Tuning and Fingering Stringed Instruments – We present a formal language for assigning pitches to strings for fingered multi-string instruments, particularly the six-string guitar. Given the instrument’s tuning (the strings’ open pitches) and the compass of the fingers of the hand stopping the strings, the formalism yields a framework for simultaneously optimizing three things: the mapping of pitches to strings, the choice of instrument tuning, and the key of the composition. Final optimization relies on heuristics idiomatic to the tuning, the particular musical style, and the performer’s proficiency.
  • Tweetable Sparkblocks – The Data Collective – Form to generate a sparkline bar graph that’s capable of being Tweeted (and presumable pasted many places).
  • Blogofile – Blogofile is a static website compiler, primarily (though not exclusively) designed to be a simple blogging engine. It requires no database and no special hosting environment. You customize a set of templates with Mako, create posts in a markup language of your choice (see Post Content) and Blogofile renders your entire website as static HTML and Atom/RSS feeds which you can then upload to any old web server you like.
  • Twitpic – Share photos and videos on Twitter – Why I am changing a flat tire. #nail