A few hours at Maker Faire 2009

We got to this year’s Maker Faire fairly early, and saw the many cool things people have built. (It was our first Maker Faire, and we underestimated the event’s popularity.)

Benjamin, who’s recently become an enthusiastic chess player, got to face off against the chess playing robot: B Hahn v. chessplayingrobot.com, Maker Faire 2009, San Mateo, CA, USA

Ben attempted a Scholar’s Mate, was stymied, and then had to go on defense; I suspect he’s been winning at school with that one.

Nathaniel and I were pressed against the barriers to see the lightning demonstration: Lightning demonstration at the Maker Faire 2009


At an event where most exhibitors have made or built something physical, I must comment that a purely virtual or computational exhibit underwhelms.