2008.11: More ways to get it, and more ways to share it

As I did for 2008.05, I’ll collect links to mirror sites here. These will also get links on the various download pages out there.

Construction of 2008.11 was faster, more efficient, and generally more predictable than 2008.05. Image packaging, snap upgrade, and the distribution constructor—and the notorious distro importer—saw many fixes and features that resulted in the ability to rapidly turn out corrected images and packages. As problems were found during testing, we could spin up new test variants in hours or less. (Thus, the existance of RC1.5, which we were able to inject into the schedule because of this newfound speed. Dave’s written more about the constructor.) You can get the ISO image, suitable for burning to a 700 MiB CD or immediate use in virtual environment, directly from the following locations:

As Glynn notes, we’ve set up anonymous rsync to make acquiring and mirroring the ISO images. In addition, I’ve posted draft instructions on how to be a content mirror for pkg.opensolaris.org/dev. We’ve tested the pkg(5) content mirroring, as well as the rsync service, but would be happy to get feedback on pkg-discuss@opensolaris.org.

These links either take you to the site’s page or directly to the osol-0811.iso CD image, which contains 11 “primary languages”. It installs quite a bit faster, particularly on systems with slower CPUs. There is also an LZMA-compressed image, which has localization support for 42 languages, including those primary ones. It’s available from dlc.sun.com, genunix.org, and as a torrent. (Consult the language lists for specifics.)

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