Indiana: More ways to get to Preview 2

As I did for Preview 1, I’ll collect links to mirror sites here, as well as on the project page.

So we just released the second Indiana preview ISO, which you can get from the following locations:

We had a lot of downloads for Preview 1; if you’re interested in being a mirror, please let me know. (Indiana remains completely redistributable.) We’re using a bigger download complex this time, but every mirror helps.

If you already downloaded and installed Preview 1, it’s more complete, easier, and probably faster to update directly using image packaging: see the update guidelines on These instructions use ZFS and pkg(5) to safely update a clone of your installed system, and then switch to that on a system reboot.

Update 1: My thanks to Tobias Lundquist, who’s once again mirrored via FTP (Internet 2) in Sweden.

Update 2: My thanks to trisk, who’s once again put up an HTTP mirror (Internet 2) on the East Coast of the USA.

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