SFW: Integrating coreutils and which variants

Last night, I finished up another task, in an attempt to reduce my current multitasking factor: I integrated initial versions of coreutils and which from the GNU Project into the Freeware consolidation. As a lower priority task, it took longer than a more dedicated developer might have managed, but it’s reasonably pleasing to look back:

There’s still a bunch of process associated with SFW that requires redesign—legal review and Section 508 compliance, in particular—but I think, barring the latent intervals, this sequence was a reasonable consensus-driven open development experience.

If you look at other opensolaris.org mailing lists during June – November and February – April, you’ll be able to verify that I was indeed working—just on other things, and not just surfing the Web…

Of course, now that I know that these commands will start to show up more widely when Build 67 is released, I can update my dotfiles, so I get the versions I prefer:

$ svn diff

Index: sh-functions

--- sh-functions (revision 91) +++ sh-functions (working copy) @@ -36,6 +36,10 @@ PATH=$HOME/bin:$HOME/bin/$(/usr/bin/uname -p):$PATH MANPATH=$HOME/man:$MANPATH ;; + gnu) # PREPEND: Bundled GNU command variants + PATH=/usr/gnu/bin:$PATH + MANPATH=/usr/gnu/share/man:$PATH + ;;

Index: bashrc

--- bashrc (revision 91) +++ bashrc (working copy) @@ -49,8 +49,12 @@ path clear home sfw csw fi -if hash gls > /dev/null 2>&1; then - alias ls="gls --color -CF" +if [ -x /usr/gnu/bin/ls ]; then + alias ls="/usr/gnu/bin/ls --color -CF" fi +if [ -x /usr/gnu/bin/which ]; then + alias which="/usr/gnu/bin/which" +fi + export CDPATH=$MACHINE_CDPATH_PRE:$HOME/projects:$HOME:$MACHINE_CDPATH_POST

If you’re using a distribution that offers SUNWgnu-coreutils, SUNWgnu-which, and the other /usr/gnu packages, do share your feedback with the maintainers on sfwnv-discuss—or become one and pick your favourite package.

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