Untuning for 53

Since I bumped into a couple of problems after moving to Build 53, I thought I should make a note and save folks some time. My laptop’s a reasonably standard install, but I do turn off a few more daemons, in the hope of squeezing out a few minutes’ more battery life. With the new GNOME bits, you need to make sure that

$ svcs *hal* *fc-cache*
STATE          STIME    FMRI
online         Nov_28   svc:/application/font/fc-cache:default
online         12:27:47 svc:/system/hal:default
shows that both

hal(1M) and fc-cache(1M) are running, as their functionality is required by other components. (If you don’t have application/font/fc-cache enabled, you’ll have trouble getting much of GNOME to run–you’ll see core files, running on which pstack(1) will reveal a stack trace filled with symbols beginning with "FC"…) A couple of svcadm enable invocations will bring things back into spec.

If you haven’t customized your system and you’re still having similar problems, you probably want to visit desktop-discuss.

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