OpenSolaris Day, Buenos Aires

I’ve been back from Buenos Aires for a week now, and just wanted to comment on my trip, and show the few pictures I managed to take. Like its sister events, Buenos Aires TechDays was a densely packed three day conference, with multiple tracks available on OpenSolaris, Java, NetBeans, SunStudio, Glassfish, and other technologies and platforms. I updated the “Building and Deploying OpenSolaris” talk, to cover the convenient Starter Kit, which has the tools and source (and OS images) and to mention the ONNV Mercurial repository on

The talk was simultaneously translated into Spanish, using some slick IR emitter arrays and receivers. Russ, I think, was much more effective, as he gave his presentations in Spanish.

The event was held at the Hilton Buenos Aires, which is located in the recently redeveloped Puerto Madero area. When Teresa and I walked around on the first day, we saw activity in the harbour, and paused to watch (along with a few hundred other pedestrians), as this tugboat


helped this coast guard ship


turn out of the relatively narrow channel.

Back at TechDays, we enjoyed the chance to have further technical discussions, with many resolutions


to study new problems, reengage with old ones, or just return to Argentina.

The Inquirer‘s Fernando Cassia has more on the NetBeans portion of the event.

In Argentina, but missed TechDays? There’s an OpenSolaris user group—check it out.

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