OpenSolaris Day, Seattle

It’s nice to be in Seattle. I spent a couple of weeks on the UW campus a dozen or so years ago; on customer visits, we’re ususally in a suburb. Enjoying the chance to wander in a different downtown, I decided to walk from the hotel to the TechDays site, at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, in Seattle Center.

This let me do a few errands—like eat a quick breakfast at Specialty Café and replace the broken SD card for my camera—and walk past a well known building

space needle

and under the disappointingly-testing-only-service monorail


Has no one learned from North Haverbrook?

We had an audience split roughly between developers and administrators at the first of a global series of OpenSolaris TechDays. After an introduction by Teresa, I gave Frank‘s new presentation, “Building and Deploying OpenSolaris”, which is an overview of what’s out there and how to build some of it. Post-presentation, we got some good questions: on switching easily between the various in-progress development project variants; on various forking scenarios; )and on arriving at a shared development methodology. I think the talk actually has some room for covering one or two more topics, but I’ve posted the presentation in the meanwhile.

Nicolas, Glenn, and Jim gave great technical talks on Virtualization, Security, and Performance for OpenSolaris, respectively. Slides for all of these talks should be at the TechDays developer site.

We finished with an open question-and-answer session.


p>On Thursday’s TechDays session, there is a Solaris track which should provide folks with additional information about Solaris futures—derived, of course, from OpenSolaris—as well as development techniques available atop OpenSolaris systems. I’ll be around until late afternoon, when I’ll take #194 back to the airport.</ p>

Thanks all those who came, plus nods to Clayton for the conversations as well as a fine restaurant recommendation, the fellow at the airport who pointed out the fast bus to downtown, and to the folks who drove 350 miles round trip from Portland for the day.

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