Stroller mileage

Most Saturdays, Dina and Benjamin head off to swimming lessons. Nathaniel and I are left to our own devices, which means we go for one of two kinds of walk: a walking walk, where Nathaniel walks, and a seeing walk, where Nathaniel gets pushed. This week, Nathaniel expressed that he wanted to see trains on the walk, which meant a seeing walk.

Eager for the walk

We headed east towards the Redwood City Caltrain station. On the way, we passed the most recent arrival in Redwood City’s gradual approach to Seattle-class latte infrastructure:

Most recent coffee franchise

We walked through the station, intending to cross the tracks and visit a couple of the construction sites downtown. When you’re nearly two years old and focused on being an expert in trains and trucks, seeing a truck that can ride on the rails is perhaps mind expanding:

Caltrain utility truck

The renovation of the Old San Mateo County Courthouse—now home to the San Mateo County History Museum—appears to involve extensive work on the columns:

Museum renovation

Finally, we walked back to the station to see the 10:41 Northbound train,

Northbound 27

wheeled into Peet’s to grab a cappuccino, and sipped our drinks—Nathaniel is usually prepared with a travel flask—as the Southbound 26 pulled in ten minutes later. Two trains (and a “train truck”) spotted, we headed home.