SuperBowl ads wanted: must have science or stunts

The Wall Street Journal has an article, “Clever Gags Score High On Super Bowl Ads”, with best and worst polls to accompany the online edition. We, for a change, actually watched the SuperBowl this year—with appropriate TiVo gymnastics to cover the grossly underestimated duration given in the television listings—and so can comment on the advertisements. The popular FedEx cavemen-and-dinosaurs ad was a hit with Benjamin, as was the offspring-of-monster-and-robot bit from Hummer. My favorite? I think Stunt City [Degree] was underappreciated: the admonishment to the motorcycle deliveryman who has just crashed through the window (“no helmets”) was silent, low-key, and clever.

Oh, and we liked the meteoroid-geologically-becomes-PEBL [Motorola] ad, too.