LISA05 Friday

After commiserating with my room’s ceramic bunny—his feet are glued to the cabinet’s top and so he has limited opportunities for conversation—I finished packing and headed out for the last few hours of LISA05.

No way out bunny

First up was the last papers session, with Liane presenting on smf(5), in addition to papers on a spreadsheet-based scripting environment and a whizzy DNS script for medium sized sites. There was setup before the session, with Luke Kanies outlining the basics of how the sessions run:

Liane pre-session

The talk was well delivered and Liane answered the audience questions adeptly so, after a group lunch, we headed off to watch Liane, Bryan, Dan, and Bill lead a “guru” session on Solaris 10.

Guru session

My flight time meant that I wasn’t able to stay for the entire session, so I can’t assess the total guru-osity displayed over the 90 minutes. But I certainly think that this year’s trip to LISA was worthwhile.

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