LISA05 Thursday: Booth and panels

While I’ve been listening to various talks, other folks have been answering questions about Solaris, the new systems, and other Sun products in our booth on the vendor floor. We have a double wide, and it was busy whenever I passed by during session breaks:

Busy booth

In addition to the engineers I’ve mentioned were here, Cindy Swearingen, who is one of the lead technical writers for the Solaris System Administration Guide, handled many inquiries. She’s manning the center table here:

Cindy has the conn

There were new Opteron and UltraSPARC T1 systems in the booth; Jonathan has a conversation, with the T2000 (“Niagara”) system in the foreground:

Near Niagara

Let’s look closely at the Niagara box:

Inside Niagara

I do like the aluminum cases, although I’ll always have fond memories of entering datacentres with racks upon racks of wine-coloured systems.

Finally, if you poked around, you might have got a demonstration from Dave or David of some ideas in smf(5) visual administration:

smf visualization demo

That’s real code and a live graph, by the way.

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