LISA05 Wednesday BoF

After a rapidly served and consumed dinner at Taste of Thai, the Solaris BoF squad headed back for the Wednesday session at 9 pm. The room filled up fast, with some folks ultimately having to stand in the back:

Room fills for Wednesday BoF

I decided to spell Jonathan as T-shirt gerbil, and was happy to give out Sara‘s OpenSolaris ringer Ts and the new Inside Jack shirts in exchange for good questions or smart remarks.

Next time we’ll be sure to order XXL sized shirts.

Dan mentioned that his laptop was spallating, or emitting shrapnel, or something like that, but he and Bill managed to get both their presentations to share what little functionality remained.

Laptop appeasement

After Dan did a great job covering the coming work in the near future of Solaris, Bill took the stage for a two hour thorough overview of ZFS.

Bill on zfs

Even after two hours and many answers dispensed, Bill fielded midnight questions with enthusiasm.

Persistent questioners

Nice camera awareness on Bill’s part.

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