Conferring again

It’s been a few years and a couple of kids since my last conference, but I’m happy to be packing to be ready to attend LISA 2005, which is happening in San Diego, CA this week. My plane lands mid-afternoon Tuesday, and I’ll be there until Friday. Liane‘s giving a paper on smf(5), and Liane and Dan are each hosting BoF sessions on aspects of Solaris and OpenSolaris. Bryan is coming for a technical session, and Jonathan, Dave, and David from the smf(5) team will be there, too. (Ask Dave and David for a demo.) Plus, there’s a booth in the Vendor Exhibition and a sponsored reception, and events I don’t know about and am probably not invited to…

A particular attraction for administrators: I wanted to point out that Bill Moore of the ZFS team will be available at the booth to demonstrate and answer your initial, subsequent, and follow-up questions about ZFS. If you’re curious about ZFS or have been working on your best volume management/file system stumpers, come interrogate Bill.

I’ll be at LISA with two hats on: I’m still trying to think about service management and system approachability (and administrators see a lot of common and worst cases for each of these efforts), but I’ll also be there to hear about issues and concerns you might have about OpenSolaris. The schedule for the conference is busy, but I’d be happy to meet up with folks during the day, as well as at either BoF session; do feel free to send me email. If you’re looking for me physically, I’ll be the one wearing the tie.

UPS willing, I’ll also be trying out a new camera—I hope to get some photos up during the week.

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