smf(5): Manifest destiny, Round One

I received polite mail this morning reminding me that I have mugs to ship. I got distracted during break, but we’ll be boxing up the mugs and getting them to the authors. So, for Round One, here is the set of submitted service manifests submitted to date:

application/informix Informix Dynamic database server Prasad Jampala USA
application/mysql MySQL database server Keith Lawson Canada
application/oracle/[database] Oracle database control Joost Mulders Netherlands [Sun]
application/oracle/[listener] Oracle listener Joost Mulders Netherlands [Sun]
[application]/popfile [POPFile mail classifier] Iouri Goussev Canada
[application/print]/cups Common Unix Printing system Boyd Adamson Australia
[application/print]/xprint X Window System Print server Peter Eriksson Sweden
[network/ident:pident] pident IDENT daemon Gary Mills Canada
[network/nntp:inn] INN NNTP server Gary Mills Canada
network/ntp:openntp OpenNTPD daemon Todd Carson USA
network/[smtp:postfix] postfix SMTP MTA* Ben Rockwood USA
network/[smtp:qmail] qmail SMTP MTA Iouri Goussev Canada
network/txpi:tcp] TXPI TCP Hans van Maaren The Netherlands
[network/xcom:default] CA-XCOM data transport Hans van Maaren The Netherlands

* Ben’s Postfix conversion is very simple, and works if postfix is in root‘s default path; in contrast, Peter Tribble built a full stack of mail processing atop Postfix in smf(5) a few months back. Plus they both have mugs already.

We’re now in the process of assembling all of the manifests we know about at the OpenSolaris smf(5) community. If you sent in a manifest without a URL, it would be preferable to give us a link to it, and to give it a copyright and (OSI-approved) licence. (Send me mail if this appears confusing or is difficult.)

Suggestions for Round Two (beyond PostgreSQL and the other database management systems) are welcomed!

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