OpenSolaris BoF at JavaOne

On Monday evening, a few of us—Bryan, Mike, Adam, and myself (plus others, I hope)—will be hosting an OpenSolaris birds-of-a-feather session during JavaOne. The BoF, Java™ Technology on the OpenSolaris™ Platform”, will be from 1930 – 2020 in Golden Gate B1 at the Marriott Hotel.

With Team DTrace there, the BoF should be an additional opportunity to ask questions about some of the preliminary Java–DTrace instrumentation techniques and how that might apply to your programming problems. (Of course, you should go to Adam’s session for the full story first.) I’m there for a different reason. As Dave mentioned, we’re planning a set of classes to make the smf(5) functionality available from the Java platform. It turns out that these might be the first public Solaris-specific Java interfaces we publish, which means we’ve reached a small unexplored architectural area. To start surveying this terrain, I need to ask the community a couple of questions:

  • What else can we do to make Java a first class systems programming language for Solaris?
  • For instance, what other classes, defaults, or conventions should we offer or modify to make Solaris-based Java development easier/more capable/more fabulous?

Of course, you don’t have to go to JavaOne to make suggestions—feel free to make them here. But if you’re at the conference, please drop by and make your points in person. The BoF details once more:

Java™ Technology on the OpenSolaris™ Platform
Monday 6/27
Golden Gate B1
Marriott Hotel

Hope to see you there.

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