Manifests so far

To ward off unintentional duplication of effort, I thought I would list the service manifests submitted to date:

application/mysql MySQL database server Keith Lawson Canada
application/oracle/[database] Oracle database control Joost Mulders Netherlands [Sun]
application/oracle/[listener] Oracle listener Joost Mulders Netherlands [Sun]
[application]/popfile [POPFile mail classifier] Iouri Goussev Canada
[application]/xprint X Window System Print server Peter Eriksson Sweden
network/ntp:openntpd OpenNTPD daemon Todd Carson USA
network/[smtp:qmail] qmail SMTP MTA Iouri Goussev Canada

I hadn’t heard of POPFile before, but a multiple bucket mail classifier might be the only way for me to keep up with

I’ve read each of the above manifests quickly, so I’m confident we’ll be sending out mugs to each author—yes, even to you, Joost. We’ll do a detailed read, send some suggestions (like my first thoughts on service names), and publish links at the contest end. Keep the manifests coming.

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