Shuffling services

I’ve been sketching out how to gradually modernize our network infrastructure: replacing a 10Mbps combination router/hub with a 1Gb switch and a 10/100Mb VPN, or a similar combination. (I’ll leave the wireless on 802.11b until Dina upgrades her laptop.) To make this simple, I’m reducing the services on the current router, and moving them to the main system. Today, I moved DHCP to our main Solaris server, using dhcpmgr(1M), a graphical utility for managing Solaris’s bundled DHCP server.

Very easy to follow the configuration wizard’s steps, and the service is better behaved than the aging firmware on our six (seven?) year old router. (Plus, it’s managed by smf(5):

$ svcs '*dhcp*'
STATE          STIME    FMRI
online         12:54:07 svc:/network/dhcp-server:default
which is a pleasant bonus.)

Next up is drawing some pictures of new cable runs in the back office, and deciding on appropriate numbers of ports.

[T: Solaris smf]