Busy few weeks

Nathaniel and Benjamin have been trading an ear infection back and forth for the past few weeks, and Nathaniel also looks like he caught the stomach bug that had been prowling through his class at daycare. (But Ben never developed chicken pox, so that’s one positive.)

I finally decided that the colds and allergies were systematic, rather than uncorrelated, and went under a part of the house to cover an open-to-ground crawlspace with 6 mil polyethelene sheeting. Air quality in the house is already better—I haven’t taken Claritin in a couple of days, and Dina mentioned her nose has been clear in the mornings. It took a little net research to figure out how to do this and, since I can write the Home Depot-based recipe, I’ll go under again and take some pictures for a longer “how to” posting.

I also did the second “clean out the hot tub when the baby turns one” chore. Icky: dead slugs (and live ones). It’s actually turning out to be a useful water experience for the boys, although Ben doesn’t like the bubbles and waves from the “air” mode. There’s a leak somewhere near the top—likely by one of the filter inlets—so I’m going to try a dynamic leak sealing system, but that will be another posting as well.

Homes are fun.