smf(5): Chairman's Award

The smf(5) project team was honoured with the Chairman’s Award for Innovation today, along with 14 other teams or individuals at Sun. I had a camera with me, and snapped a few pictures but, since the award ceremony was televised, don’t have any from that part of the day. Afterwards, we gathered in the Menlo Park campus’s amphitheater [TerraServer] for some photos. I managed to capture

the smf(5) team;

our sister team in Predictive Self-Healing, the Fault Management Architecture team; and

the CDDL team (but after they started to move towards one end of the amphitheatre).

We had a short lunch afterwards, but longer conversations with the other award winners, the nominating committee members and other executives:

mws brandishes cup

I borrowed our newer Canon PowerShot SD300 for the day, because it’s so much smaller than the S30. I had a little trouble with gphoto2, but I put the SD card directly in the slot on my Acer Ferrari running S10—which mounted directly and seamlessly.

smf(5) was the product of many people’s contributions. There are team members who could only participate for a limited period or who are no longer at Sun, and many forms of contribution from all parts of the company—the end result couldn’t have been reached without all the shared and distributed lifting. My thanks.

A small and quiet thanks to Jonathan for gesturing me into the studio camera’s field of view.