Dinner with the board

I was lucky enough to be invited to the OpenSolaris community advisory board dinner last night in San Francisco. The very gracious Al Hopper and the versatile Casper Dik represented the newly formed board at our table, which enjoyed a witty and wide-ranging conversation (at least as I remember it). I also managed to meet physically Rich Teer, who I had only exchanged email with previously.

Since I’ve been handed down the old family digicam—a Canon PowerShot S30 with a broken LCD—and am now carrying it around for snaps, I took a few shots of the event:




In honour of the occasion, I wore the largest and last symmetric tie knot in Fink and Mao, and a new spread collar shirt that could contain it.

Tie knot: Bow.

[1]: http://mediacast.sun.com/share/sch/p-cab-dinner-2005-1.png “” [2]: http://mediacast.sun.com/share/sch/p-cab-dinner-2005-2.png “”