smf(5) at home

Our electrical power at home has been sagging occassionally. It tripped yesterday for a couple of seconds: enough for everything without batteries or some capacitance to reset. (So clocks set yesterday, and again today.) Our main server went as well, and I noticed one or two services—running under very early Solaris 10—didn’t come back up properly. There’s a solution for that.

So I upgraded that that server to the 10/2004 Express release of Solaris—the first one with smf(5). I ended up writing seven service conversions very quickly (for SASL, IMAP, stunnel, and Blastwave’s Postfix, BIND9, Apache, and Squid), because otherwise Dina’s email doesn’t work. (Or my home blog.)

I need to reexamine the dependencies I elected on each of these service conversions, but if you’re interested in seeing them, let me know. With the exception of chasing a few configuration files down, it took only half an hour to get these services properly managed; that is, basically limited by typing speed.