Useful software: libxosd

I had built an early version of libxosd for my Solaris SPARC systems a year or two ago, since it provides a very tidy way to have a ubiquitous onscreen clock with a wide variety of window managers. libxosd went, when I was distracted, through a substantial rewrite, culminating in a 2.2.x series release. And I’m running Solaris 10 (with smf(5)) on a dual Opteron now, as I’ve mentioned before.

I generally try to build OSS software with the Sun Workshop/Forte compiler suite first, but for libxosd, I recommend going directly to GCC. There are too many mistakes in the autoconf/libtool pairing to bother fixing—none of these appear to be libxosd issues. (I mean, couldn’t -Wall not be passed to cc by now?)