Stephen and Benjamin’s Excellent Adventure

Stephen and Benjamin left on Thursday for Stephen’s family’s cottage in Northern Ontario. They drove to Oakland, flew Jet Blue to JFK and then Buffalo, spent the night in a hotel, and then drove across the border and towards the Artic Circle. Stephen sent a brief email using the Jet Blue hot zone at JFK. We were both surprised that he had cell phone coverage at the cottage causing me to reconsider its remoteness.

Benjamin greatly enjoyed meeting his family and playing in the lake. It’s unclear if he continued his recent shouting monologue in his sleep, “nooooo [name of child in daycare class]… don’t take that… that’s mine… I need it”, while at the cottage but Stephen said the following monologue in the dark prior to falling asleep greatly amused others.

B: Daddy, I can’t see your face.

B: I can’t see your face.

B: I can’t see my face.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel and I were doing our best to sleep more than four hours at a time and break our 12 diaper-a-day record.