A peek while bug flushing

With only a few days of exposure on the varied system configurations around here, there have been a few bugs raised against smf(5), the new service management facility. (I suppose it’s similar to a pack of hounds flushing pheasants during a hunt (although, ultimately, whom the hounds chase and whom a gun is pointed at does differ from a hunt).) What’s more exciting is that, as the kinks get smoothed out, people are instead starting to discuss possibilities. But I thought I’d show a little tiny piece of output instead. Here’s the output of the new services listing command, svcs(1), looking only at the major milestones of the startup process:

$ svcs *milestone*
STATE          STIME    FMRI
online         11:03:56 svc:/milestone/devices:default
online         11:04:04 svc:/milestone/single-user:default
online         11:04:07 svc:/milestone/name-services:default
online         11:04:11 svc:/milestone/multi-user:default
online         11:04:18 svc:/milestone/multi-user-server:default

What name services am I running? Examine the name services milestone more closely:

$ svcs -d milestone/name-services:default
STATE          STIME    FMRI
disabled       11:03:51 svc:/network/ldap/client:default
disabled       11:03:51 svc:/network/nis/server:default
disabled       11:03:51 svc:/network/rpc/nisplus:default
online         11:04:04 svc:/network/nis/client:default
online         11:04:07 svc:/network/dns/client:default

NIS, with a bit of DNS for seasoning. What’s it take to be a NIS client these days?

$ svcs -p svc:/network/nis/client:default
STATE          STIME    FMRI
online         11:04:04 svc:/network/nis/client:default
11:04:04   100202 ypbind

(But you knew that already.) More later.