Although I’ve been blogging privately and on the web statically for a while now, it’s pleasant to have a location to discuss Solaris and Sun specific information. I work on a couple of different projects, of varying sizes; in the past, I’ve done (I believe) interesting work in resource management, routine work fixing various bugs, and foolish things like rewriting sort(1) from scratch. (I’m particularly proud of the fact that I (with much support) integrated Perl into Solaris 8, and then found someone much more capable to make that a particular competency of Solaris.)

How Sun participates, specifically via its technical staff, in community development situations is of much interest to me; trust me when I say I’ll revisit this topic later.

Small talk: Presently, I’m an engineer in the Solaris Kernel group. I moved from Providence, RI to the Bay Area when I started work for Sun in 1997. (I was studying computational high energy physics at Brown, but decided not to pursue the series of post-doc positions traditional at the time.) My undergraduate degree is in engineering science at the University of Toronto. I was born, raised, and primarily and secondarily educated in southwestern Ontario.