Sounds again

hercules-pocket.gifI’ve been using a dual Opteron as my primary desktop lately, but Solaris doesn’t support the sound device included on its motherboard. After asking around about the likelihood of support arriving, I was told that one possible path was to use a USB Audio device instead.

So I drove off to Fry’s to look around and found, as is always true when I look at PC peripherals, that there is a wide variety of such devices, ranging from a cheap plastic version with only a few features to US$100+ options from Philips and Creative.

I ended up selecting from the midrange, and bought the Hercules Gamesurround MUSE Pocket, which is a little chrome number with a big volume dial (which Solaris supports) that doubles as a mute button (which it doesn’t) and 5:1 surround sound (which I can’t test). (Generally the Gamesurround gets middling reviews, but as a USB Audio pod when no sound support is available, I like it.)