Stash Teas, especially peppermint

Cutbacks at work over the past few years have forced me to take action. As the coffee and teas supplier has moved the offerings from a wide selection of Bigelow teas to a small selection of Bigelow teas to an alternate tea vendor (nameless), the quality of my tea break has dropped so that, now, the tea dust captured by each desiccated bag was only a distant echo of the resonant saga of teas (and tisanes) through the ages.

Something had to be done. Knowing of no obviously heroic possibilities, I turned to ecommerce.

Stash Tea carries a variety of loose and bagged teas. Although I brew from loose teas when deadlines allow, my current workload insists on the highest possible efficiency–a second or three could be the difference between “above average” and “more than satisfactory”. My current favourite bagged tea is the peppermint, which is made from dried Oregon-grown mint leaves. (The Darjeeling is nice, but needs multiple bags to brew anything beyond a small pot; the batch of triple ginseng is weaker than I expected.)