Forearms, wrists stressed in bowling bachelor outing

My friend Mike is getting married in about a week, so his best man Bryan rounded up a group of Mike’s friends and instructed them to head directly to Sea Bowl in Pacifica. I certainly hadn’t bowled since my wedding and probably not since moving to the US. However, I managed to average over 100 for four games, so sending the ball straight is still a good fallback strategy (as in golf) for those of us who lack actual bowling technique. Here’s Mike demonstrating his more refined delivery, honed during hours of candlepin bowling in eastern Massachusetts:

<img src=”/2003/03/16/IMG_0008.JPG"width="480” border="0” title=”” alt=”” />

Generally, Neil was the dominant player, understanding the use of bowling balls of different weights for different situations and delivering with a consistency the rest of us could only envy:

Simon, Bryan, and I were glad to hand in our shoes, what with forearms tight from overuse, fingertips rubbed raw, and egos so bruised as to make a return to the alley unlikely in the near future:

I had to return to family duties, but the boys continued on to the pool tables. Whether either activity will be a portent of marital harmony, it is much to soon to say.