Ucpoy Ekrpat lroy

Or First Dvorak post. After many late nights coding, my fingers ache somewhat. I decided to switch to the Dvorak keyboard layout, and also to a programmer’s keyboard. The typing is much slower going now. In a couple of weeks, I’ll review the keyboard and some of the software I used to switch.

  • Matt

    Your first few days will suck. The first work day I tried to use Dvorak, it took me most of an hour to write a one-paragraph e-mail. I found something like the following to be particularly useful:


  • rob

    Funny, I just switched to Dvorak today and I quickly went to search google for an image of the keyboard to print out, ended up typing “ekrpat” and your entry came up! Good luck! It is slow going isn’t it. I never learned qwerty very well, I hunt and peck pretty fast. Hopefully dvorak is the answer. I would have typed this using dvorak, but I have to go home in a few hours.

  • I switched to Dvorak a while ago. You can read a short story about my switch here. As mentioned above, you will have moments where you truly want to cry during your first days (really!). But just bite the bullet, and after a week or two you’ll be typing like a champ again.